How to Have Safe Anal Sex

Contrary to people’s opinion that not everyone can try anal sex, both men and women can always have anal sex. Whether you are gay or straight. However, adequate care has to be taken, to ensure safe and comfortable anal sex.

Always ensure to totally empty your bowels, and make sure the anal area is really clean before you engage in any foreplay. This is an important detail which must always be complied with. If the bowel is empty, there would be no chance that the receiving partner would pass feaces.

There are also four factors which are really important and they are: Gentleness, Care adequate Lubrication and anal relaxation. The partner doing the insertion and thrusting must be really careful; and gentle, so as to allow the receptive partner adjust, and to let the sphincter relax. There are special anal lubricants which can be used to ease the process. You just need to give it time and practice, it would later on become easier.

Most people make use of different methods to make anal sex easier and less painful, methods such as;

  • Drugs: There are some muscle relaxing drugs that people make use of to make anal sex easier, but they are not totally safe. Most of them always have side effects such as dizziness, headaches, low blood pressure and lots more. Though they would numb the anal skin, but there is a higher chance of injury from vigorous thrusting.
  • Fisting: This is quite enjoyable for some anal sex partners, and with the proper relaxation it is also physically possible. However, I am against it because the width of the hand is not the same proportion as that of a penis or dildo, which would make the risk of having injuries higher.
  • Rimming: this is oral stimulation of the anus, chances that stomach bugs would be transmitted is quite high when it comes to rimming, so I would advise against it.

  • Sex aids: This is another method applied by sex partners, where they insert sex aids into the anus, this is the most dangerous, apart from transmitting diseases from steady usage, and there are also situations where the sex aid gets lost into the rectum. However, there are some sex aids designed for anal sex only, aids such as butt plugs, anal vibrators. This could be used to prevent losing them into the rectum because they have a broad base, which makes it really difficult to lose them into the rectum.

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