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When Your Insurance Company Fails You

Posted By on Aug 8, 2015

Floods, fires, car accidents, hurricanes—all these incidents can leave an individual not only in physical and emotional turmoil, but financial distress as well. When this is the case, many turn to the insurance companies they have faithfully paid for years to help them make ends meet and pay for injuries and property damages that may be well beyond their means. Unfortunately, some insurance companies do not hold up their end of the deal and can leave their clients without any help.

One of the most common violations an insurance company can commit is not paying their client enough for the injuries or property damages they sustained. According to the website of Smith Kendall, PLLC, people can even experience their insurance company refusing to pay at all. These actions can often be unexplained by the insurance company and can leave the victim in worse shape than they previously anticipated.

However, unfair practices can be committed by the insurance companies before a disaster occurs. When trying to sell an insurance policy to an individual, an insurance company can make false claims about the extent of the insurance company’s policies and other deceptive statements. Insurance companies can also commit actions that can severely delay payout or investigation of the claim.

Insurance companies are there to protect us when we are in our toughest times and in need of the most help. Sadly, some insurance companies can commit violations and deceptive practices that can lead to an individual not being paid for their damages.

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